Mysterious drones flying over parts of Colorado have been a hot topic as of recently, and although the sightings have mainly been reported in the northeastern part of the state, residents in Evans claim to have seen something similar in the sky this week.

According to the Greeley Tribune, an Evans resident reported drones flying over the Ashcroft Heights subdivision, near 37th Street and 35th Avenue, during the evening of Wednesday, January 8.

Not very long after that, at 7:25 p.m., two Evans police officers also spotted the drones flying in a crisscross pattern near 54th Street Road, over the South Platte River. Upon investigation, Evans police did not locate any operators or associated vehicles that would be used to launch or command the drones.

About thirty minutes later, a Greeley resident was driving near the area of U.S. 34 and 71st Avenue and saw what she thought were drones in the sky. Six objects with blinking lights were spotted moving west, reportedly flying low and very close together. However, Greeley police have not received reports of drone activity, despite the possible sighting.

According to the Tribune, other drone sightings were called in to the Weld County Sheriff's Office on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

It's unclear whether or not the drones that were spotted in Evans on Wednesday are the same kind currently being investigated by the FBI task force.

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