This might have been the moment I realized that something was missing. Something front tooth.

I prepare very well for a vacation. I use a check sheet to make sure that I have what I need and, if I have the space in my luggage bag, I'll bring things for every contingency. Well, almost every contingency. Some things you just can't plan for.

Something always happens to me on vacation. There's at least one incident that occurs that will leave a lasting impression on the whole experience: I lost a cigar travel humidor with two delicious cigars inside on the first day of a vacation. I had my phone confiscated at a PGA event in Tucson. I sliced open my finger on a razor blade when reaching into my toiletry travel bag. And one of my favorites...I locked myself out of my rental house on the beach in Oregon at 5am wearing pajama bottoms and socks. It was about 45 degrees at the time. The property management office wasn't open until 8a, so I walked around the whole time in my socks and pajama bottoms until they opened up. The best part of that story was discovering later in the day that one of the bedroom windows was unlocked. Good times.

I have recently returned from a four day vacation in Florida. FOUR DAYS! That's short compared to most other vacations. Yet, in that brief period of time, I managed to lose a tooth. It was on day 1, by the way. It's important to note that I have had extensive work done on my teeth over the years including the front part of my "grill". The tooth that was lost was not real, so there was no pain or blood or any other drama that usually comes with an incident. It has come out before, but I was fortunate at that time that I found it and glued it back in. Yes, I glued my own tooth back in. The joy's of life in my 50's. This time, the tooth could not be found....of course. It's vacation!!!



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