"Music is all Around us, All you Have to do is Listen." That quote is one of my favorites from the past years in movies.

It comes from 'August Rush'. If you've not had the pleasure to see this movie, do so.

It's all about a young prodigy who eventually uses his considerable musical crreativity to bring his long lost parents back together along with him.

If you can control your water works at the end of this movie, you're a stronger person than I. I've seen this movie multiple times, know every note and still it turns me into a blubbering pile of mush.

But then so could a good AT & T commercial back in the day.

Anyway, what I particulaly love about this movie is the way that young August hears music in everyday sounds. As a musician-songwriter, I often find myself with writer's block.

But if I could just lighten up and take away a lesson from this movie, I could most likely hear the music that's all around me. I've often said that I don't create the music. It's all around me, and I'm the fortunate one who happens to hear and bring the music and lyrics to life.

Listen to the music of life, it's all around you. Immerse yourself in it's beauty.