I'm a huge fan of movies.  I always enjoy reading behind the scenes information about movie sets and the movie making process.  Anytime I find one of the articles that talks about the behind the scenes stuff I love to dive in. Here is a great article from Buzzfeed.com that talks about some of the little know facts from some of your favorite movies and tv shows. It always makes it more interesting when you go back and watch a movie or tv show again.

Of all the "categories" when it comes to behind the scenes information, my absolute favorite is "who also auditioned for the role". When it comes to tv and movies, the person playing the part you love so much was almost never the first pick or the person who first auditioned for the role.  Its always fun to see who almost played your favorite character.  Gets you thinking on what that character may have turned out to be if Nicolas Cage played the part instead of Tom Hanks.  See a list of who almost got the part here.

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