This list makes me a little sad.  But also makes a lot of sense.  With the growth of the population and the advancements we are making in technology having almost all of the most valuable majors be in engineering is no surprise.

Its just sad that all of the least valuable degrees are in the arts.  I was an arts major.  I love the arts. I believe without the arts we are scientific monkeys.  The arts give us our culture.  The arts give us ways to express ourselves and connect.

Obviously I work in the arts and have a special connection to it.  Although, everyone may not agree on what type of music they like, I don't think you could ask anyone if they like music and you will get a "No."

My fiance and I have a love of theater.  Its one of the things that really brought us together.  The Arts.

If you want to see where your degree falls on the list here are all 132 from

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