Monday was memorable for many folks in Washington, Kit Carson, Morgan, and Weld Counties as severe thunderstorms developed into tornadoes. According to Fox 31-Denver, in about 90 minutes, 14 tornadoes landed in Colorado. There were no reported injuries. One farmer in the Fox 31 story said he was surrounded by twisters after his truck got stuck in the sand. He and three others hid in ditch and watched them touch down around them.

According to, an average of 1,224 tornadoes touch down per year in the U.S. Colorado ranks in the top 10 states for tornadoes at #7, behind Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nebraska, and Illinois. says our average (based on most recent study 1991-2015) is 49.5 tornadoes per year.

There's only one state west of Colorado that has double digit numbers of tornadoes annually and that is California with 10.6. The lowest number west of us is Nevada with 1.9. Wyoming averages 10.9.


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