I remember looking for showtimes a couple of weeks ago and seeing that Metrolux Theaters would not be honoring their Discount Tuesday deal through the holidays.

Here's some great news for those who're off until January 2, 2020. If you had thought that you couldn't save a few bucks on a movie on the last day of 2019 at Metrolux 14 or the Metrolux Dine-In, it looks like they changed their mind.

I had set out to write a story on how they were not honoring Discount Tuesday until after the New Year; but when I went to verify my info, I found that their sites have BIG banner lettering at the top of their homepages:

Holiday Note: Bargain and Discount Pricing will be honored.

They must have seen quite an uproar. I know I, myself, was bummed that they were going to be 'Grinches.'

Thanks, gang.

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