On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, McDonald's will be taking applications to fill positions in Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska.

This will be a big Tuesday at McD's!  'Hiring Day!'

McDonald’s is committed to being American’s best first job and McDonald’s local owner/operators in Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska will be accepting applications to fill over 1,500 positions. Operators will be hiring for these approximately 1,100 crew and over 400 manager positions via online applications or in person at your local McDonald’s on Tuesday, October 2nd.

McDonald’s crew and managers are eligible for benefits including the free Archways to Opportunity program, which gives employees the opportunity to take FREE English-language classes, take FREE high school classes obtain a diploma and college tuition assistance. McDonald’s believes that education is the true game-changer and Archways to Opportunity provides tuition assistance to employees working at least 30 hours a week.

Growth from within at McDonald’s is a hallmark of employment with nearly 30% of positions at company-owned restaurants being filled by internal promotions. McDonald’s is also proud to empower women, giving them the opportunity to grow and succeed, with women representing 7 out of 10 managers in company-owned restaurants. Benefits can also include a flexible schedule, discounted employee meals, uniforms, paid training, and the ability to move into management.

'Hiring Day' is happening ALL-DAY on Tuesday. You can apply online HERE, or by stopping in at any McDonald's and filling out an application on-site.

Good Luck!

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