Being the die-hard movie-lover that I am, I never turn down the chance to indulge in the cinematic arts.  One of my many movie traditions is to see any move that comes out on March 4th, my birthday.  Following this traditions has made me the viewer of a wide-variety of films, from "The Jacket" to "Alice in Wonderland." This year, it appears I have two choices: the computer-animated "Rango" starring Johnny Depp, or the Sci-Fi drama "The Adjustment Bureau" starring Matt Damon.  The latter intrigues me more.  Check out the trailer.

Not that I have anything against Johnny Depp OR CG animation; but I am, at my core, a sci-fi junkie, and Matt Damon hasn't really given me any reason to doubt his acting ability.  But of course, that's just my opinion. What are your thoughts? Comment below! Seriously! Do it!