A standard traffic stop in Greeley resulted in a 19-year-old suspect being arrested for possessing over 200 grams of cocaine. According to the Greeley Tribune, the traffic stop happened on June 22 at around 3 p.m.

The driver was pulled over in the 900 block of 14th Avenue for failing to use their turn signal. Officers then used a K-9 unit, who alerted the Greeley Police to the presence of drugs in the vehicle.

After a search, 206.1 grams of an unknown substance was found in multiple baggies in the car, which later tested presumptive positive for cocaine. The street value for the substance found is approximately $10,000.


Police also found 3.2 grams of presumptive positive meth in the suspect's pockets.

The suspect has been identified as Alan Arellano-Castro. He has been arrested and could be facing felony distribution and possession charges.

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