Do you know of a Lovelander that makes Loveland proud?  They could be the next Grand Marshal for this summer’s annual Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival!  

Corn Roast Grand Marshal 2014
Courtesy, Loveland Chamber of Commerce

A longtime tradition in The Sweetheart City, is gathering folks for a couple of days in the summer and celebrating CORN! The Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival returns to downtown Loveland in 2016, August 19th and 20th; bringing not only residents of Loveland, but folks from all over Northern Colorado! There’ll be the corn shucking contest, the corn EATING contest, bands, vendors and the annual Corn Roast Festival Parade!


Loveland’s Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking nominations for the 2016 Corn Roast Festival’s Grand Marshal(s). The grand marshal is recognized as an outstanding individual who gives back to the community. In addition to leading the Corn Roast parade, the grand marshal also will play a role in a variety of activities throughout the festival, such as the event kick-off, corn shucking contest and the corn eating contest.

What kind of person is a Corn Roast Grand Marshal?

From The Loveland Chamber:

At the minimum, the grand marshal nominee should be a dynamic and inspirational individual with local ties that have had a direct impact on the Loveland community, have professional achievement or significant accomplishments to the community including awards and special recognition received, embody the principles of community having civic and community involvement and advancing causes for the community, be recognized for notable contributions to Loveland’s achievements, be an individual who has been part of historic moments in Loveland’s history and demonstrate loyalty to Loveland, its businesses, residents and to self.

Hefty requirements, but Loveland is such a giving community, lots of people must qualify for the position!

Do you know of a potential Grand Marshal? The entry deadline is 5 p.m. June 3rd—so get to thinking, then get that person or persons nominated through the Loveland Chamber of Commerce here!

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