For 35 years, 17 Old Town Square was the location for The Right Card. Soon that location will go from selling cards and gifts to golf training.

The Right Card is now located inside of Walnut Creek, next to The Silver Grill; it's great that they are still around. I don't know what I expected to go into their former location, across the street and down on the corner of Old Town Square, but an indoor golf facility wasn't even close.

According to Denver Business Den, the location will become Colorado's third South Broadway Country Club. The first two are in the Denver area with the first one opening in 2018. They hope to open the Old Town Square location by February of 2022.

They are a lot like X Golf, which is in Fort Collins in the Foothills Mall near Cinemark, where you can play golf on the simulator that has many different course. They'll have a bar, like X Golf, and offer lessons, like X Golf.  Prices run a little different between the two, as X Golf charges by the hour, and South Broadway Country Club charges by 9-holes and 18-holes.

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According to Business Den, it's almost a 50/50 split between golf and alcohol sales that make up South Broadway Country Club's revenue; which is a great fit for Old Town. The owner of South Broadway Country Club started the business as a place where it's golf first, and a bar second.

As a person who doesn't play golf, but does like watching golf, I've had fun at X Golf watching friends, and having beer. South Broadway Country Club's Fort Collins 'chapter' will be a great fit for the north side of town.

Check out South Broadway Country Club HERE.

[Source: Business Den/Eminetra]

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