Jenny Harding, For TSM

Panhandler's Pizza in Fort Collins reopens today (March 29, 2018) at its new location. (2721 S. College Avenue) After 42 years, the iconic restaurant closed its Campus West Location and sold the restaurant to a former employee. Louann DeCoursey, owner of Tortilla Marissa's, has purchased the Panhandler’s Pizza trademark, recipes and procedures. It's the same great food and a few of the same accouterments.

My wife, Jenny, and I attended the friends and family party last night. Jenny went to Fort Collins High School with Louann. The new Panhandler's opens to the public today at 11 am. (Thursday, March 29, 2018)

Jenny took some wonderful pictures inside the restaurant last night:

This Youtube video gives us a look inside the new Panhandler's Pizza:

In this Youtube Video, Jenny tastes the pizza to see if it tastes the same as the old Panhandler's.