Music fans across the country are getting to see Def Leppard perform one of their biggest hits, "Pour Some Sugar on Me," on a nightly basis as co-headliners of "The Stadium Tour." But imagine how cool it might be to catch them at something much smaller in size, say a local coffee shop? Well, that's something that Biggby Coffee in Oshtemo, Michigan did imagine, and they reached out to the band hoping to arrange a special appearance.

As Meatball of WKFR 103.3 FM in Kalamazoo, Michigan reports, the managers of Biggby Coffee saw a great marketing tie-in and decided to shoot their shot, asking if the band could perform "Pour Some Sugar on Me" to help promote their Brown Sugar Latte. As you might expect, the group is a little busy at the moment on tour, but the coffee shop did get a reply.

An official letter from the Talent Group that represents the band read as follows:

Thank you for your inquiry.
However we regret to inform you that Def Leppard will not be able to perform "Pour Some Sugar On me" at your coffee shop to promote your Brown Sugar Latte.
The band is currently on their Stadium Tour.
While your offer of 'unlimited Bragels and lattes' is generous, appearance fees start at $500,000.
If this meets your budget, we may be able to arrange an appearance in the future. We do ask for 12 months notice.
We hope you'll make (it) to one of their concerts this summer.
All the best with your promotion.

As Biggby Coffee noted in posting their letter to Facebook, "Well, we tried." But as Meatball pointed out, the goal of getting Def Leppard based on the demands of the letter might not be totally unreachable if the local coffee crew feels especially charitable toward the business.

Oshtempo Township has around 21,000 residents, but it's also part of the much larger Kalamazoo area with a metro population of nearly 335,000 people. Suggesting a "Def Leppard Tip Jar" for those dropping by could help in putting Biggby Coffee on their way should they pursue it further.

In the interim, your best bet at catching Def Leppard is seeing them on "The Stadium Tour" with Motley Crue, Poison, Joan Jett and Classless Act. You can get your tickets here.

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