Loveland has installed cameras in nesting boxes for Barn Owls and Kestrels, and they're streaming live 2/47!

Any time of day you can get online to check them out- for science, or just for 'Awwwwww..'

Get the kids! Loveland, along with the help of other nature lovers, has installed two cameras delivering live feeds of a couple of nesting boxes!

These nesting boxes are part of a project organized by Loveland Open Lands along with the help of Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation InstituteThey've been putting up the boxes on designated Open Lands to help establish a nesting habitat for birds of prey (raptors); notably, Barn Owls and Kestrels who do their nesting in the Loveland area.

With the help of Rise Broadband, they've also put cameras in two of the boxes, so that everybody can watch... whatever is they do...while nesting!

I can tell you this- that Barn Owl (I've named him Barney) is dang cute!

Get more on the boxes and check out the Kestrel via the City of Loveland, HERE!

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