We had an issue at my house this winter that I'm sure many homeowners can relate to: There were several times that the heat would just turn off. When you have three cold kids, that can make mornings very rough.

We knew we had a thermostat issue. Now, with the weather getting hot I wanted to make sure the air conditioning was going to work properly. Three hot kids would make a miserable night — and we're just days away from the temps hitting 80 on a regular basis in Northern Colorado.

I had Lion Home Service come out to take a look. They were so nice from the beginning and explained things to me in ways I could understand. He showed up in a clearly identifiable vehicle and was prepared to handle any issues he found. The thermostat was an easy fix — for a professional.

Jacob Laxen/Townsquare Media

Even if you're not aware of an issue, this is a great time to have your air conditioner tuned up. Check out their coupon page — an A/C tune-up is just $49! And they offer duct cleaning and sealing, which honestly might be helpful for my family. I definitely don't want my kids breathing whatever gunk has accumulated over the years in the ducts!

Lion Home Service also offers emergency HVAC service, too — but here's hoping you never need it! They have discounts for seniors, veterans and the disabled, and I love knowing I'm supporting a company that is very involved in the community!

Give them a call today at (970) 422-1818 and tell them I sent you!