Larimer County announced its investing $2.7 million into new state-of-art body-worm cameras over the next five years.

A total of 150 deputies within the Sheriff's office are being issued new devices that activate automatically. Training started in June and the department hopes to have full implementation by mid-July.

A new records technician is being hired for the management and release of footage captured by the cameras.

LSCO will use Axon OSP7+ Bundle: cameras.

LCSO has also upgraded all of their in-car cameras and audio/video equipment within interview rooms to Axon; which makes a lot of sense to me: How many times have we all seen technologies not be able to 'talk to each other?'

From a press release from LSCO:

Sheriff Smith believes the video and audio captured by this equipment will enhance our investigative and evidence gathering capabilities, improve officer safety, provide greater transparency to our community, and aid in more effective prosecutions.  The program will also likely improve the investigation of citizen complaints as well as protect against false allegations of misconduct.

Find out more about the new equipment/program from LCSO HERE.

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