Though it may be unsettling to see a large bull snake slither by you while you're at the beach, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says not to fear — while they look like rattlesnakes, they're not venomous. 

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On Wednesday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that a large snake made its way onto the swim beach playground at Boyd Lake in Loveland. It wasn't a great day at the beach for him either, because he had to be relocated after being harassed.

'Please leave all wildlife alone,' Colorado Parks and Wildlife added.

They also clarified that 'bull snakes like to imitate rattlesnakes by flattening their heads, emitting a loud hissing noise and vibrating their tails.' Bull snakes, however, are not venomous. So let him have his day at the beach. Do not poke him with a stick.

I can't tell snakes apart, and usually think every snake is a rattle snake. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that they have triangular heads, vertical pupils (not getting close enough to check), thick, heavy bodies and a 'distinctive rattle, or a blunt-pointed tail.'

Most of us are pretty rattlesnake conscious here in Northern Colorado, especially when we're out camping and hiking, but there are actually almost 30 different kinds of snakes that live in Colorado.

And if you think running into one on the beach is bad, imagine having one in your toilet. Yes, that really happened to a woman in Fort Collins, though it's believed it was someone's pet who went from one toilet to another within the apartment complex. But like... still.

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