The garden we planted is so overgrown with itself that tomatoes, squash and peppers are one big tangled mess. However, in that mess, we are blessed with a super bountiful supply of fruit and our cucumbers who climb their own cage, have overdone themselves this year. So, I decided to venture into the land of homemade pickles. In my head this was some big, big ordeal. So, I kept putting off making pickles, watching cucumbers rot and turn into compost.

Finally, the stars aligned for me to devote the time and attention to the art of pickling. My thought was I would use tons of our cucumbers, this was not the case, I only used 6 cucumbers to make 7 pints of pickles. I added, fresh dill, sliced garlic and mustard seed to my cucumbers and topped them with a super easy vinegar, salt and water brine. Boiled the jars for 10 minutes. All the lids sealed. That was it. It took me maybe 30 minutes including clean-up. Hmm... Ok. So what's next, I still have a pile of cucumbers to be dealt with. I'm slowly learning that gardening and canning is not as overwhelming as it seems.

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