Automaker John DeLorean was ahead of his time, but his meteoric rise and fall in the ‘80s was headline fodder. For the second time this year, the DeLorean story will make for big screen storytelling, as the Lee Pace-starring Driven revs up for an August release.

A new trailer for the film has arrived, centering on the FBI sting that ultimately sandbagged DeLorean’s career. The film stars Halt and Catch Fire’s Lee Pace as the auto magnate, while former SNL star Jason Sudeikis appears as his ex-con neighbor, Jim Hoffman, who is ultimately tasked with informing on DeLorean.

The film is described as “a fast-paced, comedic crime thriller of a bromance gone wrong.” Other key players in the film include Corey Stoll as Hoffman’s ambitious FBI handler, Judy Greer as Hoffman’s voice of reason wife and Isabel Arraiza as DeLorean’s fashion model wife.

Get a closer look at the trailer for Driven, which will be released in theaters while also made available On Demand on Aug. 16.

Driven Trailer

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