If you're familiar with keeping exotic pets like snakes, lizards, spiders, amphibians, and scorpions, you likely already know that there are plenty of great dealers across the state.

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Some of these include Western Colorado's J&M Exotics and Eight Deadly Sins, as well as the Front Range's 5280 Reptiles, Scales and Tails, Feeder Frenzy, and Outlaw Exotics, to name a few.

However, the brick-and-mortar operation that is known as the largest exotic pet store in the state is located in the Denver suburb of Aurora and is known as the Nature Box Exotic Pet Emporium.

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Naturally, the exotic animals that you'll find at these dealers have to get there somehow and below we'll check out exactly how Nature Box Exotic Pet Emporium unboxes a sizeable shipment of snakes, spiders, lizards, and more.

Unboxing a Shipment at Colorado's Largest Exotic Pet Store

As you can probably guess, there are strict rules when it comes to shipping these exotic animals from place to place.

Typically, these live animals are shipped overnight, allowing for as little time on the road or air as possible, and usually have to travel via FedEx as opposed to the USPS or UPS.

In addition, the boxes are typically well insulated and if necessary, are also packed with a heating or cooling pad depending on the time of year and potential temperatures that may come along with shipping.

The animals are typically packed in small, plastic containers with the necessary air holes, moisture, and depending on the species, soil in order to ensure maximum comfort for the exotic pets.

Keep scrolling to check out how the largest exotic pet store in Colorado unboxes one of these shipments:

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