It's likely that you've heard of numerous classic movie scenes that were filmed in Colorado. Some of the most famous include the scene at Uncle Eddie's house in National Lampoon's Vacation, numerous scenes from Stephen King's The Shining (1997), and even the cult classic horror film Phantoms which was filmed in Georgetown.

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However, it may come as a surprise to you to know that two very different scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed in Colorado as well, and you can even visit them today.

Young Indiana Jones's Home is in Antonito Colorado

First, we'll head to 502 Front Street in the small town of Antonito, Colorado. This historic home was built in 1888 but many years later served as a young Indiana Jones's home during a flashback scene in the franchise's third movie.

Today, it's an Indiana Jones-themed bed and breakfast filled with memorabilia. Inside you'll find an assortment of grails, numerous autographs, photos, whips, hats, the original mailbox with "Jones" still painted on it, and even the Cross of Coronado.

A Famous Railroad Scene was Filmed Near Antonito Colorado

Another iconic scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade features a grown-up Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford and a high-adrenaline train sequence.

This scene was shot just outside of Antonito along the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. You can actually ride along the railroad all the way to New Mexico if you'd like, but old memories from the iconic scene will likely start popping up right away.

Keep scrolling to check out both of these filming locations around the small town of Antonito, Colorado:

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