Of all the cool bars in Colorado, only one made the list when it comes to being a speakeasy worthy of the whole world knowing.

Speakeasy bars are a win-win: The proprietors have fun, knowing that their space is a "hot spot," and customers get the fun experience. It's a shame that there aren't more, but then that would spoil the fun.

What Are Some Things That Make a 'Great' Speakeasy?

  • Secret (tucked away) Entrance.
  • Ambience.
  • Dim lighting.
  • Light jazz in the background.
  • Delicious cocktails.

In February of 2024, Tasting Table released their list of 23 Unique Speakeasies Around the World, one of which is in Colorado.

Some Noted Speakeasies From Tasting Table's List:

  • London: Evans & Peele Detective Agency. Not only do you need an "appointment," but you have to come with a case to be solved.
  • Manila - The Bank Bar. In what looks like a 7-11, is a stockroom; pass through that stockroom to enter a very modern speakeasy bar.
  • San Francisco: Bourbon & Branch. This speakeasy has its own speakeasy- the Wilson & Wilson Detective Agency.

I would definitely love to check out that one in San Francisco; I'm disappointed that I didn't know the place when I visited in 2015.

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What Colorado Speakeasy Made the List of 23?

You may have heard of  it: Denver's popular Williams & Graham speakeasy. Not far from I-25 & Speer on Tejon, this speakeasy lies behind a fake bookcase.

@denver.bucketlist Came to Williams & Graham for the vibes, stayed for the espresso martini's🍸 Tag someone who needs to checkout this speakeasy! (🎥: @wanderlustandwhiskey_) #denver#denverbucketlist♬ original sound - Denver Bucket List
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What Does Tasting Table Like So Much About William & Graham?

This [bookcase] architectural feature evokes intrigue, the perfect theme for a speakeasy.


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