Would you consider buying things therapy? If you have the funds to do so, buying items can certainly boost your mood.

I am not someone whose spirits get lifted when I purchase something, but I know a lot of people who use retail as a way to make themselves feel better.

My girlfriend for example loves to shop. A Saturday afternoon shopping in Old Town Fort Collins will raise her spirits for weeks.

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There are countless shops and fun places in Colorado to find unique things for yourself or your home.

Emotional Spending in Colorado


There is a fine line between feeling good and buying things from your home and emotional spending.

69% of Americans have said that they purchase themselves an item to make themselves feel better rather than confront their problems. The majority of Americans are in debt largely due to emotional spending.

Let's take a moment and forget about the negative impacts of retail therapy. Here is the city where Coloradans enjoy shopping the most.

Denver Is King


Denver was rated the fourth-best shopping location in the entire nation by Storage Cafe. Here is why Denver is highly regarded as one of the shopping capitals of the country.

...the Greater Denver area hosts roughly 3K retail establishments, nearly one for every 1,000 residents. Particularly, clothing and sporting goods outlets capture the lion’s share of consumer interest... - Theodora Tanczos

Retail Therapy Explained


As mentioned above, retail therapy can have both positive and negative effects. If you plan on buying things for yourself to make yourself feel better, you should ask yourself three questions before you hand out your credit card.

  • Do I actually want this?
  • Will this break my budget or put me in debt?
  • Is this a priority purchase?

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