The Larimer County Health Department has been very busy lately with restaurant inspections. Just a few weeks ago, Saigon Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado, was shut down due to a laundry list of violations.

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Another Fort Collins restaurant has been shut down because of a high number of health violations from the Larimer County Health Department.

Restaurant in Old Town Square in Fort Collins, Colorado, Forced to Close

The Yeti Bar and Grill in Old Town Square in Fort Colliently closed due to failing a health inspection. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, a restaurant is closed when there are significant health hazards.

The Larimer County Health Department will close a restaurant when it reaches 110 points or more on its rating, and The Yeti Bar and Grill exceeds 110 points.

Why Fort Collins Restaurant Was Closed


The report revealed that multiple factors led to The Yeti Bar and Grill being closed. A primary concern was the fact that there was expired food prepared to serve customers.

There were turkey roll-ups and chili were expd by over a ago month.

Additionally, food was seen thawing in standing water, which is not a proper way to thaw food.

There were also major concerns regarding cross-contamination. There were shell eggs above butter and other ready-to-eat foods in the cooler.

Problems With Sanitation


The dishwasher was not operating the way it should. The dishwasher was overflowing and did not have the proper sanitizer concentration. The Larimer County Health Department recommended that they should use a sanitizer kit.

Also, a sink was not operating, and another was not supplied with soap and paper towels.

You can read the full inspection here.

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