A new year and back to work for the Larimer County Department of Health, as they are again out and about making their routine inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and other facilities that serve or sell food.

They've already been busy with nearly 70 inspections completed in the new year, with four "re-inspection required" ratings, meaning those establishments did not pass on their first try.

One Fort Collins restaurant was closed on the spot for tallying too many points and was already on a re-inspection to boot.

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As a reminder, restaurants in Larimer County are no longer rated or graded with feedback like "excellent," "good" or "fair." As of Jan. 1, 2020, they are simply allowed up to 49 points worth of violations to "pass." 50-109 points earn them another try at a "re-inspection," and anything over 110 earns them an immediate "closure."

Agave Underground on Foothills Parkway in Fort Collins, Cosmos Pizza on Elizabeth, Asian Cafe & Grill on Eagle Drive in Loveland, and Elevations Eatery in Estes Park all tallied enough points to warrant a re-inspection at a later date, given the opportunity to correct common infractions like food holding temps, hand washing stations and more.

But one Fort Collins restaurant scored more than 110 points and received a "notification of immediate closure due to imminent health hazard."

Saigon Grill at 1120 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins, Colorado, was shut down for various violations — many of them repeat violations on their routine follow-up inspection — including improper food temps, lack of properly cleaned and sanitized food prep surfaces and the presence of potentially toxic chemicals improperly stored in the kitchen.

You can read Saigon Grill's full inspection report on the Larimer County Department of Health's inspection portal.

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