There are a lot of joys of being a dog owner. The companionship, the love, and the happiness that a dog brings is second to none. However, having a dog can also lead to a bit of chaos in life especially when they are a puppy. My wife and I have an amazing dog that just turned four years old. She was a bit of a terror in her younger years, but as pet parents always say, in the best way possible.


One pooch in Northern Colorado got into a bit of a predicament when it somehow got onto the roof and couldn't find a safe way down. The Greeley Police Department received a call of the dog on the roof and sprung into action. When officers responded to the call, there was indeed a dog hanging out on the roof of a home.

Knowing that a ladder was needed to rescue the dog, the Greeley Police Department enlisted the help of the Greeley Fire Department. While officers waited for the ladder, they spoke to the dog in a calm manner to make sure the roof-bound dog didn't leap and "Free Willy it" to freedom.

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The Facebook post detailing the roof-bound pup by the Greeley Police Department says this is what the dog was doing on the roof:

Clearly setting up a tactically advantageous surveillance outpost to keep eyes on his enemy... The mail man.

The Greeley Police and Fire departments were able to safely get the dog off of the roof and gave the dog some treats. Take a look at the photos from the rescue:


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