Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Grab the leash and your furry friend and enjoy what will hopefully be a productive day. There are some stats that say that bringing the pooch does help with the workplace environment.

Purina put together a survey that said:

  • Employees, who are allowed to bring their pets to work have lower stress levels by the end of the day.
  • 63% of employees in pet friendly workplaces are very satisfied with their job
  • 80% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces say having their pet at work makes them feel happy, relaxed and sociable

Another survey from the friendship app Skout says:

  • 51% of people say being able to bring your dog to work makes your company a cool place to work.
  • Bringing a dog to work is preferred 3 times as much as the option of having a ping pong or foosball table at work.
  • 46% of people think companies should allow workers to bring their dogs to work.
  • 51% of office workers say dogs in the workplace make them more productive.
  • 78% of people prefer Take Your Dog To Work Day to Take Your Cat To Work Day (22%)

As pet friendly as Northern Colorado is, these numbers might seem lower than expected. It's rare to go to any store or public place and not see a dog. Enjoy the day with your furbaby and hopefully it can be one of many while at work.

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