Today, February 22nd, “is” National Margarita Day! And no I’m not making this up.


I don’t know when the first National Margarita Day was celebrated. I bet it probably had something to do with Jimmy Buffett. Just as murky as when this holiday began it is the origin of the drink itself that has stemmed much debate.

Most agree it was barman “Willie” who concocted the margarita in 1934 for Marguerite Hemery in Mexico City. Others have the drink invented by a bartender in Los Angeles, a socialite in Texas, and a slew of Mexican bartenders.

Today the margarita is the “all-American” cocktail with over 185K consumed per hour. There are literally thousands of brands of tequila available with unbelievable flavors. There are even non-alcohol versions of the drink for those who choose not to indulge.

Twitter and Facebook are a buzz with establishments running specials to celebrate National Margarita Day and countless recopies are available by simply doing a Google-Bing search.

Whatever your plans are to celebrate today, remember to be safe and always drink responsibly.

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