I'm going out on a limb here, but what the hell. I see all of these 'Occupy' protests. You have the right to speak out, and God bless you.

But I don't see any real focus. When we were protesting during the 60's the focus was very clear.

I haven't heard one really compelling song come out of this 'movement'. Usually; 'movements' have something that compels the populace. A song, a speaker, a theme.

You know; 'I have a dream'. 'Love the one you're with.' 'For what it's worth.' ''The Man in the Mirror.'

I get it, you're upset about corporate greed, etc. etc.

Blah, blah, blah should follow here.

If you spent as much energy on getting a job or really creating change as opposed to standing in a park laying blame on others for your misfortunes you might be in a really different situation.

Who knows, I may get blown out for expressing my opinion. But I've really tired of this; what I see as a whiney approach to this part of MY American life.

I may complain. I may dis-agree, but I REFUSE to whine. I'm done with it!

Pack up your tents. Go back home and figure out what the rest of us have been dealing with for a lifetime.

How to get by!

It's not easy, but we live in the most prosperous country on earth. While many struggle to get by, think about our neighbors and friends about the globe who suffer to think about where their next meal may come from. Or even their next clean drink of water.

Change will take many people's of many colours and nationalities come together to create change and chances for everyone, especially our children!

Today I invite you to visit my friends at Playing For Change. I am so proud of the people that created this project. I know none of them, but this is the way to change the world.

It's all about being brothers an sisters!