Northern Colorado has its share of sculptures; some weird, some scary. There’s one in Windsor that is supposed to be very inspirational, but I think it comes across as horribly sad. What do you think?

The Windsor-Severance Fire Station, on 7th Street in Windsor, has this statue out front. It always catches my eye as I drive passed, because it’s so life-like. Every time I drive by, I think ‘That is such a sad scene…’; because to me, it looks as if the firefighter is kneeling down to give the kid some horrible news.

Sorry, Jimmy, your dog, Snickers, didn’t make it out of the house..

The sculpture is titled, ‘Follow Your Heart’. Which, I guess is the intended sentiment of the piece: The firefighter is telling Timmy to follow his heart if he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

If you are right on the sculpture you can see the kid does have a little smile on his face as he takes in the advice from the firefighter. From the street, however, it really appears the firefighter is giving "Jimmy" some bad news.

It wouldn’t make for a great sculpture, but what if the firefighter was wearing regular ‘fire station clothes’ and not in full firefighting gear? It might make more sense, then.

Art is the eye of the beholder, right?  What do YOU think about ‘Follow Your Heart?’

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