I was walking around Downtown Loveland recently and saw that something is happening on 4th Street at the long-vacant spot between Door 222 and The Coffee Tree.

Loveland New 2
Dave Jensen, TSM

If rumors hold true, Downtown Loveland will soon be seeing yet another brewery and/or taproom. I was walking down 4th Street and saw this big ‘wall’ in front of a location that’s been empty for what seems like forever. It’s in between Door 222 and The Coffee Tree.

Curiosity was killing me, so I went into Door 222 and asked them if they knew what was going on. The host said, ‘I wish I did because everybody’s been asking!’  Then, I went over to The Coffee Tree and asked the woman behind the counter. ‘I heard it’s going to be a brewery or a taproom’, she replied.

Hmmm…Hard to say if that’s really going to be the case. I say that because right across the street, Chef Clay of Mo’ Betta Gumbo is planning on opening a taproom where Scotty O’Brian’s used to be. She could have been referencing that.

Then again, ‘the more the merrier’, right?

We’ll keep you posted on what’s happening!

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