Just 60 miles from Fort Collins lies Standley Lake Regional Park in Westminster. Standley Lake has been a habitat for bald eagles for nearly 30 years.

Turn off your phone, turn down the radio and just listen to nature while you watch nature. How? Standley has a livestream of an eagle's nest at Westminster's largest body of water and the third-largest reservoir in the Denver Metro area.

It's even in crystal-clear HD, too. It's really something to behold.

According to the City of Westminster, the cam has been in place since about four years ago with an upgrade in 2019 to provide night vision and sound. I think the sound is what really makes the video so great. The eagles are so majestic, and the sounds are so peaceful.

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Bald eagles began nesting on the northwest side of Standley Lake in 1993; the current residents recently had eaglets and are nestling them until around mid-June.

I tuned in for the first time and both parents were in the nest. Then one went off to Costco, I suppose. I wonder what goes through their minds as they gaze out upon the lake and the area.

There are many things to do at Standley Lake Regional Park, including checking on on the bald eagles and their habitat, which is well-protected from human interference. I'm putting a trip out there on my list for the summer.

Eagle Cam Standley Lake
City of Westminster

You can view the live stream of the Eagle Cam with the City of Westminster HERE.

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