Living in the mountains, or out of town is a sacred thing, but that usually comes with less access to technology and communication. This can be a real bummer in the case of an emergency. There is a project about to begin in the Poudre Canyon that will include the construction of a new emergency communication site and an electric power line to serve that site.  The power line is about 11.6 miles long.

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association in conjunction with Larimer County began tree trimming October 17th. Construction activities are expected continue until inclement winter weather prohibits further work or the project is complete.  Expected completion date is fall 2017. Users of Deadman Road, Sonona Dr. and Killpecker Road should expect some short term delays, narrow roads and construction equipment on or adjacent to these roads.

The power line project will commence at the Goodwin substation, crossing several private parcels prior to entering the US Forest Service boundary adjacent to Deadman road and continue for approximately 11.6 miles to the Communication site.