My parents live Southeast of Denver; and if I'm ever late for a visit with them (or just don't want to deal with traffic) I pony up a few bucks and take the E-470 tollway to get to their house.  To me, it's well worth the cost of tolls not to sit in Denver traffic, at least every once in awhile (if it was part of my daily commute, I'm sure I'd feel differently).  So, hypothetically, would I use a tollway to get to my favorite vacation area of the mountains, and completely bypass stressful (and dangerous) mountain traffic?  Absolutely.

CDOT is considering a multi-billion-dollar proposal that would include a reversible tollway between C-470 and Silverthorne, designed to alleviate traffic on I-70.

My wife and I head up to that area at least once a year, and traffic is always the most stressful part of the experience.  So I say build the tollway!  I'll certainly use it.

Will you?

There's some more info from 9-News in the video below.