A hungry bear broke into a Lyons, CO pie shop this week and helped himself to some of the pies. The bear climbed through a window at Colorado Cherry Company early Tuesday morning.

The bear ate 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies. He apparently did not like strawberry-rhubarb pie. He did not touch them.

The owners of Colorado Cherry Company say they have cleaned up and it is business as usual.

9News in Denver filed this report:

Brian and I had a few thoughts:

  • The bear can't be from North Dakota if he didn't go for the strawberry-rhubarb.
  • Kind of strange he didn't like "straw-beary".
  • Maybe he thought it was "Bears Eat Free Tuesday". Heck, he is a bear. He can eat for free any day he wants.
  • He had to break in to get get a good pie. Bears are horrible bakers.