This is big news, not local to Northern Colorado, but it could be happening at any of our middle or high schools.  Officials are estimating that over 500 students at Canon City High School are involved in a sexting scandal- sending partially or totally nude pictures to one another. It looks like they’ve been using an app that we warned you about this past August!

School officials are estimating that over HALF of the student body at Canon City High School have been caught up in a sexting scandal- over 500 teenagers have been sending one another pictures of themselves with little or no clothing on.  Kids will be kids- they will get into trouble; technology just makes it easier.

Parents need to be aware of this app ‘CALCULATOR %.’ We told you about it back in August of 2015. It’s what the kids have been using to hide these photos in a ‘photo vault’ on their phones. It LOOKS like a regular calculator app; it is not.  You put in a passcode and boom: A secret stash of files. A stash of photos. A Stash of Inappropriate photos.

It’s difficult. You want to give your kids freedom. You need them to have a phone.  But, when you give a teenager a smartphone, it becomes a ‘perfect storm’: kids, hormones, and technology. They’re bound to get into trouble, at some point.

What does a parent do to keep their kids from getting caught up in a scandal like this? Do they need to check their kids' phones on a daily basis?  Do they have to block downloads?  What does it take to keep the kids safe, but yet give them the freedom that they deserve?

Let us know what you do!

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