Okay, this is super cool! I have seen a few of these photos on Facebook and I figured that I should give it a try. It's not as simple as just taking a photo and uploading it to Facebook however. But, it is pretty easy to do, so I'll tell you how you can create 3D photos of your own on Facebook!

It's only four easy steps:
1 - Open up the Facebook app on your Iphone
2- Like the Facebook 360 page
3- Force quit the Facebook App
4- Start the Facebook app again and create a new post. When you go to post, you will see the options to tag people, post photos, etc. Click on the 3D photo option and upload a photo that was taken in portrait mode.

As of right now, this option only works for the phones that have portrait mode on the camera app for Iphones according to MacObserver. Those Iphones are the Iphone 7plus through the most recent model.

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