It's public knowledge that Northern Colorado's real estate market is an absolute nightmare. In 2021, GOBankingRates discovered that the Centennial State's cost of living is worse than New York's — and it doesn't look like it will be getting better any time soon.

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Last year, predicated that, in 2022, the median price of a Fort Collins home would be $550,000, while the median price of a Loveland home would be $480,000.

Earlier this month, the Coloradoan corroborated the former prediction, reporting that housing prices in the Choice City have seen "an 11% increase from the end of 2021."

Perhaps we should travel back to a simpler time: the 1950s. While the world, as a whole, has arguably improved since then, real estate prices were a heck of a lot cheaper in the poodle-skirt decade.

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According to Orchard, the median value of a Colorado home in 1950 was just $7,151. But these great prices didn't necessarily mean great quality — the company states that, at the time, "29% of the homes were classified as dilapidated or without some indoor plumbing."

Still, $7,151 is a dream price compared to current housing costs. Plus, Orchard largely only looked at the Denver area, so Northern Colorado homes were likely even cheaper back then.

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