Maybe it's because I've watched too many episodes of Gossip Girl, but I've always thought of New York as the pinnacle of richness. I've never been, but I imagine that the state has an A-list celebrity in a penthouse on every corner.

Am I wrong about that imagery? Probably. But New York is expensive — according to GOBankingRates, the average Empire State home costs $320,388. To afford to live there, you need to make at least $76,172 per year.

Unfortunately, it might be even pricier to live in Colorado.

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The agency reports that the average home in the Centennial State costs $490,848. To afford that, you need to make at least $83,376 per year (*cries in broke*).

This trend isn't new, either. According to Only In Your State, in 2017, HowMuch reported that Coloradans needed to make at least $100,200 a year (or work 60 to 70 hours per week) to afford a home worth $415,000. Comparatively, New Yorkers needed to make $91,720 a year (they didn't mention a home price).

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In June, Marietta Rodriguez, the CEO of Neighborworks America, told Townsquare NoCo that a "lack of inventory," spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, is partly to blame for rising housing costs.

However, keep in mind that these statistics are based on the cost of the average home — there is cheaper housing available in Colorado.

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