Baskin Robbins is famous for their 31 flavors of ice cream. That doesn't even hold a candle to this little cupcake shop in Downtown Loveland.

B Sweet Cupcakes on 4th Street in Downtown Loveland opened in 2011 and has done great. That east side of 4th needs more businesses like it, in my opinion.

They've been talking about their business, as they celebrate 8 years, on Facebook. Little tidbits about the shop, who works there, and such. One of the tidbits is about how many flavors they have there. Hold onto your butts.

120.  Say, what? One hundred and twenty. Wow. I did not see that coming.

They say, with customers being able to add their choice of fillings to the cupcakes, the number could really be in the 1,000s. That is a LOT of cupcakes, friends.

Have you ever had a cupcake there?

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