We're now seeing another great idea out of Colorado: A food truck that specializes in treats for dogs. For me, it's one of those 'Why didn't I think of that?' businesses.

The Denver Post has the story on how, in Denver, you can now find the Bon Apétreat food truck making dogs and their humans smile.

My brother, who lives in Fort Collins and takes his border collie, Jesse James, for walks three times a day, would love this. I can see him texting me already,

Dude. Hit the dog food truck again, Jessie can't get enough of the wine one. Wino. Ha.

Bon Apétreat can be found in the south Denver area, Cherry Creek, Littleton and Highlands Ranch, but they do take requests for coming to other neighborhoods.

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According to the Denver Post, they serve up snacks, mostly cookies, that dogs love and humans can eat as well. They come in different shapes, too, including one that looks like a wine bottle.

See, John Mclane, we can now BOTH have some wine! Yay!

Their website gives you great information about what's in the treats they have, but they also have toys, poop bags and other items to help you and Fido finish your walk.

With any luck, someone will reach out to Bon Apétreat about franchising in the Fort Collins area.

Get more on the food truck for Fido from The Denver Post HERE.

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