The ever-changing twists and turns of a historic restaurant in Denver, Colorado, have all come down to this: A sign now hangs on the door that says "Closed 4 Good. Sorry. See ya around."

It's been a long time coming, and technically, not the first time they've tried to shut down the business. Though this time, it does seem like it's for good.

What was originally a 24/7 diner on East Colfax, famous for being an overnight refueling spot for people who had been out at the clubs and bars until they closed for the night — maybe indulging in a few too many cocktails — has evolved significantly over the years. But that evolution now may include a new owner and potentially an entirely new concept.

Originally, Tom's Diner was a Capitol Hill staple until owner Tom Messina sought retirement in 2019 after working on a deal to sell the building at 601 E. Colfax Ave. to a housing developer.

The community around it — and the diner's loyal customers — had other ideas. Instead starting a petition to have it marked with a historical designation, hoping to save the diner and prevent Messina's desire to retire.

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While he begrudgingly accepted the honor at the time, he planned to remodel the building and revamp the diner, but COVID arrived shortly after that and closed Tom's down in March 2020.

A little under two years later, Tom's made a comeback as "Tom's Starlight," with an updated menu, a sweet new patio, and even more memories to be made.

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It's been open for a little over a year. And now, abruptly, there's a sign on the door saying it's closed for good.

Westword reports they have confirmed the news with Tom himself, who is eager to get back to his retirement and is confident someone else will come to pick up the location and its legacy going forward.

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