It’s $13/hour, free lunch and definitely something to talk about. You can always say, ‘I harvested hemp!’

Hemp Farm

Hemp is a huge industry. As big as recreational marijuana. That seems crazy, but it’s true. They are growing hemp all over the country, so that hemp fibers can be used in many, many ways.

According to their website the Colorado Hemp Project, based out of Denver, ‘is an Organic Hemp Farm Consulting Agency that provides industrial hemp seed and support to farms across the United States and abroad!’

Colorado Hemp Project has five farms in Colorado: Eaton, Palisade, Pagosa and Longmont. Harvest time is here and the Longmont farm needs help! They are in need of workers to harvest and process the hemp. They’ll pay $13/hour and provide lunch each day. It is a temporary job, but getting free lunch and being able to say you help to harvest hemp? It sounds like an interesting job!

 If you want to find out more- contact

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