One of Northern Colorado's greatest charitable organizations is seeking the public's help with a little situation there at their ranch, they need a truck.

Maybe you have one, maybe you have a family member or friend who has one. A truck that runs, but isn't pretty. It's reliable, but it wouldn't be bought at a Barret-Jackson Auction. You say it won't pass emissions? Bring that sucker over.

Hearts & Horses, near Carter Lake in Loveland, is a non-profit therapeutic riding facility which has been helping people with disabilities for 25 years. They are a wonderful organization that has a small staff, many volunteers and the most important part:

 ....a herd of around 27 four-legged therapists

Hearts & Horses
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They've helped children as young as two-years-old; they've helped Veterans; they've helped seniors facing cognitive issues. Those examples just touch the surface of how much they help people. They are indeed doing 'God's Work,' at their ranch outside of Loveland.

So, when you hear that they are in need of a truck, you feel very compelled to get the word out about that need; hoping that by doing so, they won't have to wait long for the truck. There must be at least one out there, right?

Get the word out, and get these incredible folks a truck. When you find one, call them at 970-663-4200.

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