By some miracle, a red-tailed hawk survived being hit by a truck moving at highway speed on Highway 24 in Hartsel, Colorado. On top of being hit, the hawk also somehow wound up stuck inside of the Toyota's grill. 

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted a photo of of the hawk, crediting the driver for calling rangers and saving its life. It's clear that this hawk was not having a great time, but it's better than being roadkill.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

'Officer Petkash said it was lucky it only impacted the grill and not the bumper, which must have absorbed a lot of the shock,' Colorado Parks and Wildlife explained, because how does this even happen? 'It had a slight wing injury, but should be fine after a little stint at rehab.'

Red-tail hawks are the most widespread and familiar species of hawk in North America, Audubon says, and you can encounter them during any season in Colorado. Toyotas are also really common cars in Colorado, so the odds of these two colliding weren't really that slim, but the fact that the hawk survived is.

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