With Loveland Aleworks getting ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary, it's time for Loveland to be brewing up its fifth brewery.

Lately, so much is happening in downtown Loveland between longtime businesses closing to popular Fort Collins restaurants on their way in; it's hard to keep it all straight. A new brewery in downtown Loveland is also a part of the plan.

If you haven't seen what's been happening at Fifth Street and Cleveland Avenue recently, you've missed a lot of construction on Cleveland Station. They are renovating the corner to hold retail, a new bar, and Sky Bear Brewery and Pub.

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Sky Bear, being also a pub, will also offer wine, cocktails, seltzers, and food options at some point. This will have them stand out a bit from the other breweries in downtown, though Rock Coast Brewing also has cocktails and food, with A.K.A. Kitchen being a part of it.

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The owners, coming from the Evergreen area, have home-brewing experience, which is how many popular craft breweries in the area have started. Sky Bear hopes to be open in time for spring of 2022; I think it will be great to get another "flavor" in downtown; a person could have their favorite "go-to" beer at each of the five.

The Breweries of Downtown Loveland:

  • Loveland Aleworks
  • Crow Hop
  • Verboten
  • Rock Coast
  • Sky Bear

Loveland Breweries Not In Downtown:

  • Grimm Brothers
  • Big Beaver
  • Big Thompson (Technically in Downtown)
  • Dratz
  • Rock Bottom

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