The 'Beer vs Band' battle seems to have come to its conclusion, after over a year of the Longmont-based company having a beer that infringed on the band's name.

Oskar Blues Brewery started making and serving Guns N' Rosé beer, a fruity IPA in early 2018. By May of 2019, the band Guns N' Roses had enough and filed a suit that Oskar Blues was deliberately infringing on their fame.

Not only was there the beer (in cans and on-tap in their taproom) but also merchandise that people could get online.

According to Reuters, in late July of 2019, the two sides had come to an undisclosed settlement and the lawsuit was dropped.

I never like 'undisclosed settlement.' I want to know how much Oskar Blues had to cough up.  I'll keep an eye on the story- maybe the dollar amount will be released.

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