A 24-year old slaughter-house worker, at JB's Swift Beef Plant in Greeley, has been accused of threatening his co worker with knives on multiple occasions.

Police responded to a weapons call on February 4th after a supervisor told dispatchers that a man was in the locker room trying to stab people, according to Greeley Tribune.

Police and supervisors detained Gregory Chambers before speaking with witnesses.

This isn't the first time a slaughter-house employee has gone rogue. 

A criminologist at the University of Windsor, Amy Fitzgerald, conducted research into the effects the presence of a slaughterhouse has on employees and the community.

According to LiveKindlyFitzgerald found that these communities frequently had higher crime rates than those without slaughterhouses, she speculated that this is because slaughterhouse workers become ‘desensitized.’

Slaughter house work leads to PTSD and is often connected to an increase in crime rates, including higher incidents of domestic abuse, as well as alcohol and drug abuse, according to Metro.




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