The Greeley Police Department made a public service announcement to all the young men out there accepting strange friend requests on Facebook on Friday.

"FACEBOOK SCAM that seems to be affecting a disproportionate number of young males," GPD posted on their Facebook page, proceeding to offer a few tips for these men.

"Do not accept a friend request from a stranger on Facebook, no matter how pretty her profile pic appears to be. Realize that you are probably talking to a dude in another country. Do not agree to go on skype with the person. Realize that video sent over Skype can be saved and will later be used to extort money from you.

"Resort to the 'old timey' tactics of meeting somebody face-to-face and getting to know them. Be a gentleman. Open a car door. You'll be surprised at how far that takes you even in the digital age."

It's not clear if this rant was inspired by a specific incident, but these random requests from "femme bots" in foreign countries (and Nigerian men sending messages to ladies saying, "i love u") is nothing new.

At the end of the day, just do what the Greeley Police Department says. They know what they're talking about.